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The online casino industry is constantly evolving and innovating, taking into account new possibilities as technologies and broadband connection speeds improve. Live casino gaming is one of those possibilities, and operators have embraced the live game as an alternative form of gambling online. Rather than pitting your wits against a videogame and a random number generator, live casino gambling allows you to compete in a live casino game from your home connection. In many ways, it’s the perfect hybrid between online and offline gaming, allowing you to benefit from a more realistic casino experience while still retaining the benefits of remote gambling online.

Many of those who play live casino games for the first time become converts, and some even find it less satisfying to switch back to standard online casino games. So if you’re on the fence, or just looking to find out a bit more about live casino games, what are the main reasons you might want to give these live games a shot?

Transport The Casino Atmosphere To Your Living Room

Land-based casino purists often cite the lack of the casino atmosphere and experience as one of the main reasons they prefer physical to online gambling. While online casinos work hard to create a realistic casino gambling experience for all their customers, live casinos go one step further. Because in live casino games you’re hooked up by video link to a live dealer, you get the benefit of that added realism. It actually feels like you’re sat at in land-based casino, and the experience you get from playing live dealer games is as close to the real thing as you can get.

If you’re looking for gaming that feels more realistic, and more in line with what you would expect from a land-based casino, live gaming casinos offer it in spades. But as well as the full casino experience, you still get the benefit of the convenience of remote gambling – in other words, it’s the best of both worlds.

See The Live Game Unfold

Some people who play online casinos complain about a lack of transparency in the game. While they can be assured that online casino games produce perfectly random outcomes, in accordance with the random number generators powering the game results, some people still prefer to see their gambling with their own eyes. This is another clear advantage of live dealer games. Rather than trusting the random number generator and game software, with a live link you can actually watch the dealer turn the cards, or spin the roulette wheel. When the result comes in, you can be in no doubt that the game is entirely fair.

By allowing you to see how the game unfolds with your own eyes, live casino games silence those who feel suspicious about game results. In addition, it gives a much better insight into live casino gambling – the ideal preparation for anyone getting ready to visit a physical casino for the first time.

Watch The Dealer For Peace of Mind

As well as watching the game results unfold, live casino gaming also allows you to watch the dealer. There is of course a social element to this, and with chat functions available, it’s possible to communicate with the dealer as you play. But purely from a gameplay perspective, watching the dealer allows you to monitor their actions, and satisfy yourself that everything is entirely above board.

Aside from this point, it’s also a good way to build more tension into each game. When it’s a toss up between watching a video roulette outcome, and physically seeing the ball spin round the wheel, praying your number will come up – it’s the latter that is often much more exciting for gamblers, leading to a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

Alternative Games and Betting Options

The live casino gaming experience isn’t just about seeing the action unfold. There are also alternative gaming and betting options that open up to you, by virtue of joining these live dealer games. Blackjack is a great example. With live dealer games, often you don’t have to even play yourself to take part in the action. Live gaming software allows for potentially thousands of players to join in the same game, betting on the hands dealt to the primary players at the table.

This allows players who are later to the game to bet on the full spread of hands at the table, regardless of the player holding them. In this sense, players can actually choose the best hands to bet against out of all the hands dealt, giving them more discretion in minimising house edge and giving themselves a better chance of winning money on a given hand.

And it’s not just blackjack. Across the whole suite of games offered, live dealer games often present additional betting opportunities that aren’t available in standard online casino play.

Socialise With Other Players

One thing some players feel is lacking from their online gambling experience is the social element. At a land based casino you can chat to the dealers and other staff, or even strike up conversations with other players. Live casinos replicate this social element of actually going to the casino pretty well, through the combination of the video link and the chat functionality, that often allows you to communicate with the dealer and with other players. The social element of live gaming is a big part of the appeal, and one of the key reasons more online gamblers are tempted to take live games for a spin.

There are dozens of reasons to play live online casino games, usually in addition to your regular online gaming. If you like playing in land-based casinos, or even if you’re just looking for something a bit different from your online gaming, live dealer games are a more than worthwhile addition to anyone gambling online.

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