Craps is a highly versatile dice game that has been popular in a number of different varieties across the years. It is a hugely exciting game and has been a casino favourite for a very long time.

When you go to play your first game of craps the number of betting options on the table can make it seem like a complex and intimidating sort of game. The craps table will have a number of different sections on it, indicating the different bets the player can make. However, once you learn the basics you will realise that it is, in essence, a very simple game.

One of the reasons that playing craps has been so popular for so long is that you don’t need a lot of equipment or a complicated set up to play it. A couple of dice and a place to roll them are pretty much all that are needed. The player who rolls the dice is called the shooter. Rolling the dice correctly means using just one hand and making sure that they bounce off the far wall of the table.

The chance to roll the dice is available to every player, with the play moving round the table after each round is completed, although you can opt to just bet without taking a turn at being the shooter. It is a fast and frantic type of game, with the casino croupiers famed for using colourful descriptions of the numbers rolled which adds to the fun and the atmosphere.

The exact bets available can vary from one casino to another but there are some standard wagers you can expect to find everywhere. For example, the shooter needs to bet on the Pass line or Don’t Pass line. This means that the first roll of the dice can decide if the shooter wins or not, as 2, 3 or 12 means a loss for anyone betting the Pass line. Meanwhile, 7 or 11 means a Pass line win. The other possible numbers which come up establish a point and this means carrying on rolling for further rounds to see who wins and who loses.

Playing craps online can be less intimidating for newcomers, certainly it will be more relaxed as there isn’t the same feeling that more experienced players are looking or judging a new player’s efforts. The best internet casinos offer an authentic craps experience while allowing you to relax and get used to the rules and speed of play without any hassle.

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