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When mobile slots first appeared, many people said that they wouldn’t be a success. “That’ll never last”, they scoffed. How wrong they were. Many inside the industry were blown away by just how successful mobile slots have turned out to be, and in how short a time it has taken for them to be an outright success. Today, nobody scoffs at the prospect of mobile slots being big business. On the contrary; many believe that mobile casinos will eventually surpass online casinos as our main form of gambling entertainment.

If you think about it, it should not be that big of a surprise. We are living in an age where we cannot go 10 minutes without using our phone for something or another. We use our phones for calling, texting, as agendas, for reminders, for e-mails, for shopping, browsing, social networking, and general gaming, so why not gambling, too?

We are so dependent on our phones that mobile slots really do fit in rather nicely. In an age where everybody is always on the move, and Wi-Fi enables us to stay connected to the net on a 24-hour basis, we can take our favourite slots with us, wherever we go.

It’s not just the improved technology which compels us to play mobile slots. We also have to want to play! As well as that, there have to be perks to playing slots on your mobile devices. If there wasn’t, why would be bother doing it? Between your tablet and your phone, you have everything you need to play your favourite slot machine games on the go. But, why would you? Let’s take a closer look at mobile slots, to see why you should choose to, and where you should play mobile slots.

The perks of playing mobile slots

Let’s not beat around the bush with this. Obviously, the biggest perk to playing mobile slots is that you get to play on the move. But what does that mean? If you’re in a car, unless you have an internet bill, your phone isn’t likely to receive a signal, so Wi-Fi is out of the question in this case. Yet, it is really easy to have internet on your phone, and many people do have it. This means that you can play in the car (as long as you’re not the one driving, of course), you can play on the train into work, on the tube, in the garden, or even on holiday – barring local gambling restrictions.

Playing over Wi-Fi also provides you with more freedom than your desktop or laptop. When you play your favourite mobile slots over a Wi-Fi connection, you can still play in the office (instead of working), in the kitchen (whilst cooking dinner), on the toilet (if you wish), and in bed (which is nice and comfortable for a long session), as well as hundreds of other places where your laptop is just too cumbersome to carry, and your desktop is completely out of the question.

So, obviously, you can use your tablet and phone to move about and play. But what other perks does gaming on the go offer?

How about necessity? If you only have a couple of minutes free, you would normally have to turn on your desktop or laptop, and wait for it to boot, then go to the casino, log-in and load a game, etc. By the time you’ve done all that, your few spare minutes are up. Since you keep your phone on all of the time anyway, and since logging into mobile casinos can be one-tap affairs, this process is greatly sped up, giving you quick access to your favourite mobile slots.

You also don’t have to worry about your kids logging into your account. It is probable that you share your computer in the house? Do you have a family computer, for instance? You probably do, but I’ll bet that everybody has their own phone, right? By playing on your mobile or tablet, you can bypass the risk that somebody is going to discover your casino, log you in, and spend all your money. We’re not saying that your children are like that, of course! We’re simply saying that without the risk, it cannot happen.

There are many good reasons why you should play at mobile casinos. But once you’ve made the decision to give it a whirl, where do you play? That’s where we come in.

The top mobile casino sites

Although mobile casinos are rapidly on the rise, some online brands are still behind the times when it comes to launching mobile versions of their casinos. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some casinos are devoted only to mobile gameplay, and have either closed down their online sites, or don’t run any.

For those seeking a mobile casino, we’ve came up with a list of top mobile casinos and applications for you to play at. Remember, sometimes you can play mobile casino games in your portable gaming device’s browser, and sometimes you must download an app, but it’s all the same, really.
We’d always recommend playing at:
– Guts MobileCasino
– Sky Vegas Mobile
– bgo Mobile Casino
– Bet365 Mobile
– and 32Red Mobile

There are other top mobile casino sites to play at, of course. But, we’ll tell you a little bit more about our top three choices, in these mini reviews. That should help you see what you can enjoy, when you decide to play mobile slots.

Guts Mobile Casino

Guts Mobile Casino is one of the biggest and best of all mobile casino sites. You can play via both iOS (Apple) or Android powered phones and tablets, by scanning the QR code that appears on their domain. Doing so will take you straight to their mobile casino site, without the need to download anything. Guts Mobile Casino contains solid mobile slots from Net Entertainment, IGT, Microgaming, OMI and BetSoft. Guts Casino’s promotions are also available for use on their mobile casino site. As one of the most trusted names in mobile casino gambling, we’d always advocate playing at Guts Mobile Casino.

Sky Vegas Mobile

Sky Vegas is a name that all UK residents will be familiar with. As well as their online casino site, Sky Vegas also runs a mobile app. You can download their mobile slots app via the Apple App Store, or Google Play if you are on an Android powered device. Their award-winning mobile slots app contains help and support, as well as special bonuses, and a great array of games including mobile blackjack and roulette. You can get a free £10 bonus when you choose to play with Sky Vegas Mobile, and you know that they are a name which you can trust.

bgo Mobile Casino

This mobile casino loves it when you play with them whilst on the move. Their mobile casino offerings are available to players using Apple iPhones, iPads or iPad Minis; Android powered smartphones and tablets, as well as all Blackberry powered devices. Some of IGT and Net Entertainment’s finest mobile slots can be enjoyed with bgo Mobile Casino, including Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds. Mobile blackjack, roulette and video poker are also playable on your phones and tablets, when you go with this trusted mobile casino.

Of course, you’re free to try out other mobile casino sites and apps, too. We’d always recommend the three above as being the bee’s knee’s, though. What you shouldn’t do, is miss out on an opportunity to join the hottest gaming revolution of all time. Scrap online slots, play mobile slots instead.

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